Wanna Start A New Group?

Looking to get involved but nothing spark's your interest? Well, it's really simple to start you own! Below you will find the steps necessary to create a new group on campus.

Step 1

Formulate your ideas for your new group. Then double check with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) that there isn't a similar organization. If there is, you can join it! If not, then keep putting together your vision for your organization.

Step 2

Meet with a student organizations team member from the Center for Student Involvement to talk about the organization, and for approval to move forward with the creation of the group. Sometimes it helps to have guidance to make sure you are on track.

Step 3

Get people involved and build awareness. You will need atleast 3 officers and 3 general members on your roster before you can proceed.  Talk to interested people and lay the foundation, as well as find a staff or faculty advisor. Then start working on the constitution.

Step 4

Finalize the constitution and plan an interest meeting.  For the interest meeting you will need to meet in room 402A provided my CSI. Again CSI Graphics is here to help you, they will print another 20 free flyers to help advertise the meeting (one time only).

Step 5

Let CSI know you are ready to form and register the organization, then view the registration information page that details how to register the group. If you need assistance with registering a group, make an appointment with a student organizations team member by emailing studentorgs@ubalt.edu and they will walk you through it.

All completely registered organization will be probationary for one academic year, after that period they become fully active organization and can request funding.


Current organization officers, follow the links under the resources section (to the left) to navigate to the resources pages.

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