When do I spend revenue funds?

Whenever your organization would like to pay for all of or part of a club expense using fundraised moneys that have been deposited into the organization's internal revenue account.


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1. Before attempting to file any payment request paperwork via your revenue account, please ensure the funds have been deposited into the organization's revenue account.


2. Access your organization’s financials by clicking the “Treasury” option in the navigation menu of your organization’s OrgSync portal.

3. Access your organization’s revenue account by clicking the “Manage Revenue Funds” button on the Treasury web page.

4. Click the "Create Withdrawal" button.

5. Enter a descriptive name for the transaction in the “Withdrawal Name” field. This name is to ensure the readability of your future OrgSync ledger. Please note, a generic name, such as “Party” or “Speaker Event”, will not be accepted.

6. All transactions from the Revenue Account use the same payment request forms as those from the Allocation Account. Select Diner's Club Purchase, Parking Passes, Purchase Order, Purchasing Card, Transfer, or Travel Reimbursement from the "Payment Type" dropdown menu. Fill out the resulting form completely and appropriately, just as you would if it were for an allocation account payment.

7. Create a temporary budget item for the revenue transaction in the "Withdrawal Details" section. Start by selecting a category that appropriately reflects the type of transaction in the "Category" dropdown menu. Then fill in a name for your budget item in the "Name" box with a label that reflects the event or initiative this transaction will benefit.

8. Create a line item. Begin by selecting an appropriate line item category from the "No. Line Item" dropdown menu. Then fill in a brief description of the products or services this transaction will purchase in the "Description" box. Finally, list the amount the transaction calls for in the "Spend from Revenue Fund" box.

9. If purchasing multiple products or services in this transaction, but still for the same event and through the same vendor, use the "Add Line Item" button to add new line items as needed. If you would like to leave any additional notes, click the "Add Summary" button for an appropriate space.

10. Upload any documents as necessary for your payment request type. If you need access to a scanner for your documentation, the CSI office has one available for club use.

11. Enter any miscellaneous comments you feel are necessary for the transaction into the “Comments” field.

12. Click the “Submit” button once you are done. The submission will be sent to the CSI Front Desk staff, who will verify the form’s completeness. Once the form is verified as complete, it will be sent to your organization’s advisor of record for approval. Once approved by your advisor, the form will be sent to the Coordinator of Student Activities, CSI Associate Director of Operations and Finance, and Executive Director of Student Development for approval. Once fully approved, you will receive an email notifying you of your final approval.



If you have any problems using the OrgSync financial tools or any questions regarding the Center for Student Involvement's student organization funding policies and procedures, please contact

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2019-20 Budget Requests Information on requesting your organization's 2019-20 budget is now available here.

Be sure to complete training online prior to submitting your request and to review the updated, 2019-20 internal funding policy.

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