When do I submit a reallocation request?

Whenever your organization needs to reallocate funds that have been awarded by the Student Allocations Board to a new or different budget line or item.


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1. You may navigate to the Reallocation form at this link (OrgSync Login required) and skip to step 2, or  you may access access the form directly while you are in OrgSync by:

a. Navigating to the Student Org Funding OrgSync portal (search "Student Org Funding" in Org Sync or click this link while logged into OrgSync.)

b. Selecting the “Forms” option in the navigation menu of the Student Org Funding portal.

Image of OrgSync portal

c. Clicking on the "Student Organization Reallocation Form".

Image of OrgSync portal

2. Once you've accessed the form, you will be presented with the terms of the Student Organization Reallocation Process. Please ensure you understand the terms before continuing. When ready, click the "Begin Form" button.

Image of form instructions

3. Enter the organization's name in the "Student Organization Name" field. Then enter the total amount to be reallocated in the "Amount Reallocated" field.

Image of form main page

4. You will now need to fill-in a pdf template to detail where you are moving money from and where it is going to. A link to the pdf portion is embedded in the OrgSync form.


5. Download the pdf file and open it in Adobe Reader. The file must be opened in Adobe Reader; changes made in an in-browser pdf reader will not save. Adobe Reader is a free software that can be downloaded here.


6. Fill in the name of the first budget item to be reallocated in the field beneath "Reallocated Budget Item 1 Name". (This is the budget item you are taking money from. It must match an existing budget item name in your OrgSync budget.)

a. Next, list each line item within that budget item that is to be reallocated,  in the "Line Item Name" column and indicate the amount to taken from each line in the corresponding "Amount" column. You must list the specific line item(s) from which money is being taken, i.e. the line items where the money is coming from.

Image of pdf portion of form


7. Repeat steps 6 and 6a for each budget item that has line items to be reallocated.


8. Fill in the name of the first budget item to receive reallocated funds in the field beneath "Destination Budget Item 1 Name". (This is where you want the money to go.) If you're creating a new item, simply add "--new item" a the end of the name you have written.

a. Then, list each line item within that budget item that is to receive funds in the "Line Item Name" column and indicate the amount to be received in the corresponding "Amount" column. If the line items don't already exist, simply add "--new item" to the end of the line item name you have written.

Image of pdf portion of form

9. Repeat steps 8 and 8a for each budget item that has line items that are to receive reallocated funds.


10. Please verify that the amounts listed in the "Total to be Reallocated" and "Reallocated Amount" sections are equal when finished. These sections will automatically tabulate as the form is filled in. Submitting a form with unequal "Total to be Reallocated" and "Reallocated Amount" sections will result in automatic denial of the request.

Image of pdf portion of form

11. Provide in the "Justification for Reallocation" section an explanation of your organization's need for reallocation. Justifications that exceed the height of the box are acceptable.

Image of pdf portion of form

12. Verify that the form is complete and save the pdf file to your computer.


13. Return to the form on OrgSync and upload your saved pdf form in the "Student Organization Reallocation Form Upload" section.

Image of upload button on OrgSync

14. Once the form is complete, click the Continue button to go to the final confirmation page of the form (and then be sure to submit). Once submitted, the form will be processed by the CSI office. Student organizations may move up to 15% in total of their allocation per year without approval from the Student Allocations Board. Any amounts over that 15% total will require approval from the Student Allocations Board at one of their monthly meetings; please keep this timeframe in mind when submitting reallocation requests. (NOTE: To encourage use of existing funds by organizations, SAB has pre-approved all reallocations up to 25% of an organization's budget through the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year due to a shortage in supplemental funding.)

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If you have any problems using the OrgSync financial tools or any questions regarding the Center for Student Involvement's student organization funding policies and procedures, please contact

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2018-19 Budget Request Info
Information regarding student organization budget requests is now available online.

Requests are due at noon, May 24, 2018!

For more information on the process and access to helpful resources click here.

For information on the required training, which must be completed prior to request submission click here.

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