When do I submit a Purchasing Card request?

Whenever your organization places an order with an online vendor or vendors that provide fax- or phone-based credit card payment options who recognize the University of Baltimore’s tax-exemption status.


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1. Access your organization’s financials by clicking the “Treasury” option in the navigation menu of your organization’s OrgSync portal.


2. Access your organization’s budgets by clicking the “Manage Budgets” button on the Treasury web page.


3. Click on the name of the budget from which you would like to draw your expenditure. Please note, only active budgets can be used for payments.


4. Click on the line item of the budget from which you would like to draw your expenditure.


5. Click the request payment button on the Line Item Detail page.


6. Enter a descriptive name for the transaction in the “Name” field under “Payment Request Details”. This name is to ensure the readability of your future OrgSync ledger. Please note, a generic name, such as “Party” or “Speaker Event”, will not be accepted.


7. Select “Purchasing Card (CSI Credit Card)” from the “Payment Type” drop-down menu.


8. Fill in the “Name of event or initiative”, “Date and time of event”, “Location”, and “Number of people attending” fields as accurately as possible.


9. Fill the “Description of items or services to be purchased” field. Be sure to include a specific description of what items or services are being purchased, what event the purchase is to be contributed toward, and how the purchase will benefit the event. Please note, a generic description, such as “Food for Party” or “Decorations for Speaker Event”, will not be accepted.


10. Fill in the “Vendor Name”, “Vendor Website (if applicable)”, “Approximate cost of purchase”, and “Vendor Contact Information” fields.  Please note, either the “Vendor Website (if applicable)” field or the “Vendor Contact Information” field must be filled, depending upon whether the payment method is via the internet, fax statement, or telephone. Additionally, the vendor must not apply sales tax to purchases, or can be contacted to circumvent sales tax for non-profit organizations. Be sure to include shipping expenses in your cost of purchase.


11. Enter the amount to be paid in the “Request Budget Payment” payment slot. Do not place any funds in the “Request Revenue Fund Payment” payment slot. If your organization wishes to make a purchase from their Revenue Account, please see these instructions on submitting a revenue fund payment request. If you elect to pay for your request from a combination of the two accounts, submit one request through your allocation account and another through your revenue account using the above linked instructions for their respective amounts and make a note in the comments section on each request that it is being submitted in conjunction with another request. Please note, any discrepancies between the prices listed and the actual prices paid for a purchasing card purchase will automatically be applied to the organization’s Allocation Budget, unless otherwise noted.


12. If you are submitting a fax-based purchasing card request, click the “Upload” button and select the appropriate form document(s) to be uploaded from the dialog window. Please note, fax-based purchasing card requests submitted without an attached invoice will not be accepted.


13. Enter any miscellaneous comments as necessary for the transaction into the “Comments” field. If you need to set an appointment to walk through the purchasing process (especially important for the purchase of custom printed items), include your availability here. If you are purchasing specific items off of a web storefront, include the URLs and desired quantities for each individual item.


14. Click the “Submit” button once you are done. The submission will be sent to the CSI Front Desk staff, who will verify the form’s completeness. Once the form is verified as complete, it will be sent to your organization’s advisor of record for approval. Once approved by your advisor, the form will be sent to the Coordinator of Student Activities, Director of CSI Operations and Finance, and Executive Director of Student Development for approval. Once fully approved, you will receive an email notifying you of your final approval.



If you have any problems using the OrgSync financial tools or any questions regarding the Center for Student Involvement's student organization funding policies and procedures, please contact

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2019-20 Budget Requests Information on requesting your organization's 2019-20 budget is now available here.

Be sure to complete training online prior to submitting your request and to review the updated, 2019-20 internal funding policy.

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