When do I submit an Expedited Catering Form?

Whenever your organization needs to purchase catering for a budgeted event from Jay's Catering or the 1209 N. Charles St. Subway. If your organization would like to work with a different catering vendor, please use the Purchase Order process.


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1. Stop by the CSI office (SC303) during regular operating hours and request a catering form from the front desk staff.


2. At the top of the form, fill in the box beside the vendor that you in tend to work with. Then, fill in the "Organization", "Organization Representative", "Primary Phone", and "Alt. Phone" fields. Please note, while the "Organization Representative" on the form must be the person submitting the request on behalf of the organization, the phone numbers provided should be for an organization member who will be coordinating the event to be catered, who may be a different person than the "Organization Representative".


3. Fill in the "Name of Function", "Date", "Set Up Time", "Event Time", "Number of Participants", "Location of Event", and "Will alcohol be served?" fields.


4. Take the form as it is filled out to your catering vendor and let them know that you would like to place a catering order. The vendor will fill in the "Set Up Requirements", "Catering Requirements", and "Approximate Cost" fields based on the products and services your organization is ordering and sign on the "Vendor" line. It is important that these sections be filled out by the vendor, not your organization representative, because this section must be comprehensible by the vendor's staff in order for your organization to be billed appropriately.


5. If your organization is paying for the order from its Allocation Account, fill in the "Allocation Amount" field with the "Approximate Cost" that the vendor provided and note the exact, word for word name of the budget item that your organization will be drawing funds from for the purchase in the "Allocation Budget Item" field.

If your organization is paying for order from its Revenue Account, fill in the "Revenue Amount" field with the "Approximate Cost" that the vendor provided.

If your organization is paying for the order from a combination of both accounts, note the amount to be paid from the revenue account in the "Revenue Amount" field, the amount to be paid from the allocation account in the "Allocation Amount" field, and the exact, word for word name of the budget item that your organization will be drawing funds from for its Allocation Account in the "Allocation Budget Item" field.

Once the other fields are filled in appropriately, have your organization president or treasurer sign the "Student Org. President/Treasurer" line.


6. Return the form to the CSI Front Desk staff. The Front Desk staff member will take it to one of our approved staff members for their review and approval. In the event that none of the CSI staff members are available to review your organization's catering request immediately, the form will be placed in the most appropriate staff member's mailbox and your "Organization Representative" will receive an email at their address when the form is ready for pick-up.


7. Once the form is approved by the CSI staff and returned to your organization, take the white copy of the form back to your vendor and leave it with the vendor's staff. The remaining yellow copy is for your organization's records. The transaction should be noted on your organization's OrgSync Treasury within one business day. In the event that adjustments to the catering order need to be made, an additional or replacement catering form will need to be submitted.


If you have any problems using the OrgSync financial tools or any questions regarding the Center for Student Involvement's student organization funding policies and procedures, please contact

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