When do I submit a Budget request?

Student organizations at the University of Baltimore have two opportunities per year to request funds for their operations from the Student Allocations Board. Initial Budget Requests take place in the April of the school year preceding the year for which the funds are being requested, and are only open to student organizations that have been established for two or more full concurrent semesters (at least one consecutive pair of Fall and Spring semesters). Supplemental Budget Requests take place in November and are open to all student organizations.


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1. Access your organization’s financials by clicking the “Treasury” option in the navigation menu of your organization’s OrgSync portal (in the "More" dropdown section). If you do not see a "Treasury" option, contact CSI, as a manual update to your access may be needed.


2. Access your organization’s budgets by clicking the “Manage Budgets” button on the Treasury web page.


3. Click the “New Budget” button to access the Budget Request form.


4. Enter a descriptive name for the budget in the “Budget Name” field. CSI’s recommended budget name is “[Name of the Budget Period] – [Your Organization’s Name]”. Also be sure to select the correct budget period for your request (for example requests for the 2017-2018 academic year should be made under "Financial Year 2018").


5. With your first event or initiative in mind, select the appropriate budget category for the event or initiative in the “Category” dropdown menu, under “Budget Details” in the “Budget Item” box. The five categories include “Activity”, “Equipment”, “Promotions and Marketing”, “Supplies”, and “Travel”.

  • The “Activity” category is for all expenses directly related to the carrying out of an event or activity; for example, your group may have an Activity budget item for a movie night, general body meetings, or an end of the year banquet.

  • The “Equipment” category is for all expenses related to purchasing property for the club that may be used regularly over the course of multiple events; for example, your group may have an Equipment budget item for a griddle that is to be regularly used for cooking at Block Party events throughout the future.

  • The “Promotions and Marketing” category is for all expenses related to purchasing printed advertisements and other promotional materials. You may group similar promotional expenses for all of your events; for example, your group may have a Promotions and Marketing budget item for flyers that covers all events, and another for posters that covers all events. Other promotional items such as T-Shirts and small memorabilia items to give out to guests should be in separate lines as well.

  • The “Supplies” category is for all expenses related to consumable equipment for your club that do not relate to specific events; for example, your group may have a Supplies budget item for paper plates, disposable utensils, or Styrofoam cups. For event-specific supplies, please place a line in the budget item related to the event.

  • The “Travel” category is for all expenses related to funding and reimbursing club-approved travel to conferences and other club sponsored events; for example, your group may have a Travel budget item for a conference, with line items for hotel accommodations, mileage reimbursement, and per diem meal reimbursement. The "Travel" category is generally used when the event requires students to be transported outside of Baltimore City to attend.


6. Enter a descriptive name for the event or initiative in the “Name” directly next to the “Category” dropdown menu. This name is to ensure the readability of your budget request by the Student Allocations Board and the usability of your future OrgSync financials. Please note, generic names, such as “Party” or “Speaker Event”, will not be accepted and may result in loss of funding for your organization.


7. You will now break down your event or initiative into line items for each expense related to that event or initiative, with the exception of expenses that belong in other Budget Categories. For example, do not include related Promotions and Marketing or Supplies expenses in an event’s Activity budget item; instead, create separate budget items for these expenses. Select the appropriate line item category in the “No. Line Item” dropdown menu. Each Budget Category has unique Line Item Categories. For a complete list of those Line Item Categories, please see here.


8. Enter a brief description of the line item purchase in the “Description (optional)” field. Please note, although the label on this field says that is optional, it is not and failure to include descriptions for line items may result in loss of funding for your organization.


9. Fill in the amount your organization is requesting from the Student Allocations Board for the Line Item in the “Request a Budget” field. If your organization intends to use  existing revenue funds and/or raise additional funds to supplement the amount allocated by the Student Allocations Board for the line item, include the amount your organization intends to raise in the “Spend from Revenue Fund” field. Please note, your organization is not required to record how much they intend to fundraise for any line item and stating your group’s intent to raise funds to supplement the Student Allocations Board’s allocation will not negatively impact the SAB’s consideration of your request.


10. Add additional line items as necessary for the budget item by clicking the “Add Line Item” button. Repeat steps 7-10 until the budget item reflects the spending needs of the event or initiative it represents.


11. Once the budget item adequately reflects the spending needs of the event or initiative it represents, add a summary of the event to the budget item in the "Summary" box. This summary can be used to provide additional context and information about your event.


12. Once your first budget item is complete, create a new budget item for your next event or initiative by clicking the “Add Budget Item” button. Repeat steps 7-12 until your budget reflects your organization’s spending needs for the entire budget period.


13. For initial allocation requests, each organization must provide a document that outlines the organization's mission and how the proposed budget will further their goals and benefit the student population as a whole. You can upload that document (and any other documents your group wishes to include) under the “Upload Documents” section and add comments in the “Any Additional Comments?” section.


14. Click the “Submit” button once you are done. The submission will be sent to the CSI Graduate Assistant for Financial Operations, who will verify the form’s completeness. Once the form is verified as complete, it will be sent to the Student Allocations Board for consideration at the allocations meeting. All student organizations have the right to represent themselves at that meeting and orally support their budget request. Look for an email approximately one week before the meeting with details and instructions on scheduling your organization’s 10-minute timeslot.


If you have any problems using the OrgSync financial tools or any questions regarding the Center for Student Involvement's student organization funding policies and procedures, please contact

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2019-20 Budget Requests Information on requesting your organization's 2019-20 budget is now available here.

Be sure to complete training online prior to submitting your request and to review the updated, 2019-20 internal funding policy.

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