Budget requests are due by noon on May 25, 2017!

Information about the online Funding Request e-training

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The Center for Student Involvement is pleased to be piloting online training for the funding request (budget) process this spring!

We know student organization leaders are busy and that finding time to come to campus and complete a training session in-person can be challenging, so we've moved this required training to an online format. Below you will find information about where to access the training, what you'll need (technology-wise), and answers to some common questions. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to us by email (csi@ubalt.edu), phone (410.837.5417) or stop by our office (SC 302).

Access to online training

To access the online training module for funding requests, click here.

Technical requirements

To utilize the online training module you will need:

  • A computer with internet access and audio playback capability
  • Flash Player 10 or later (you can download it for free)
  • Supported browsers on Windows: Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 or 11; Chrome (latest version); and FireFox 4.0 or later
  • Supported browsers on Mac: Safari 6 or later; Chrome (latest version)
  • Recommended: Access to a printer if you wish to print your completion certificate

Accessing this training on mobile devices is not recommended; iPhones and iPads will not work as they do not run Flash.

Common Questions

How long is the training?
The training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Who needs to take the training?
The person who will submit your organization's funding request (budget) through OrgSync must complete the training. Ideally this will be the 2017-18 treasurer or president. The current treasurer or president is also acceptable, if your 2017-18 officers will not be identified in time for one of them to submit the budget request.

Can I skip information I already know?
No. You will need to view all parts of the training. You can move back and forth between portions you have already viewed, but cannot skip areas you have not yet viewed.

I've submitted budgets before, is there an option to test-out?
A test-out option may be offered in the future for students who have previously taken training modules, but it is not available at this time.

Do I need to complete the training all at once?
Yes. The training module will not save your progress if you exit. You need to complete the training in one sitting.

Is there a test?
To ensure you've acquired the information you'll need to submit your organization's funding request there are three quizzes (each has 2 questions) at various points during the training and a 10 question final exam at the end of the training. An overall score of 80 percent or better is needed to pass. You can re-take the quizzes and exam if you do not pass the first time.

How does CSI know I've completed the course?
The Center for Student Involvement will be emailed information about your completion of the course after you pass. This will include your overall score, and course metadata (time spent in the course, responses to each question, etc.). You will receive a copy of this email as well. You will also be given the opportunity to print a certificate of completion, as a backup to the emails.

Why is the training being offered online?
We want students to be able to access the training from anywhere, at any time.

Will there be an option to be trained in-person?
No. Training will be completely online. There will be drop-in sessions for those that would like additional, face-to-face help with their budget preparation. Attendance at these sessions is optional and will not count toward meeting the training requirement. Dates for the drop-in sessions are posted here. CSI staff is also available for one-on-one help by appointment, but this does not take the place of online training.

Is there an opportunity to provide feedback?
Absolutely. You will be directed to an evaluation survey following the training. If you have already taken the training and missed the survey, click here to provide feedback.

Is there a deadline?
We strongly recommend completion of the training by April 25. This will allow you a month to actually draft and submit your budget and ample time to seek any clarification you may need. The training will be available online through the budget deadline of May 25 at noon and must be completed by the person submitting the budget request before the request is submitted.

Don't you know that Flash is dead?
We do. We are exploring additional options for future training modules.

Budget requests are due by noon on May 25, 2017!


Supplemental Funding
Due to changes in the level of funding available this year, the process was delayed while Allocations Board and Funding Oversight Committee examined the issue. The deadline for supplemental requests will be extended. We are in the process of updating the website to reflect these changes. Information will be emailed to org leaders the week of Oct 16-20.

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