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The mission of the University of Baltimore Student Allocations Board (SAB) is to fairly allocate student activity fee monies to student organizations in a neutral, student-driven process to provide the maximum potential benefit to the students of the University of Baltimore.

The Student Allocations Board is responsible for the allocation of student fees to the many general student organizations on campus and advising changes to the CSI Internal and Internal Revenue Account Funding and Use Policies. This year the Board was granted nearly $197,000.00 by the Funding Oversight Committee to allocate to registered student organizations for the Fiscal Year of 2018 (until June 30th, 2018). Of this amount $157,000 was used to make initial awards and an additional $40,000 is set aside for the supplemental funding process (spring semester). A public record of the allocations is kept at the front desk of the Center for Student Involvement. The Board is made up of multiple representatives from the University of Baltimore; below is a list of the current board members.

Allison Seidman ,
Merrick School of Business

Elizabeth Paige,
Student Representative,
School of Law

Morgan Brown,
Student Representative,
Merrick School of Business

Matthew Braun,
Student Representative,
School of Law

Kiayra Ingram,
Student Representative,
College of Public Affairs

Zachary Luhman,
Center for Student Involvement

Dan Bellacero,
Recording Secretary*,
Center for Student Involvement

* Denotes a non-voting member

Read the SAB Bylaws

How to apply for SAB membership
The Student Allocations Board is composed of five student members. Admission to the Board is conducted through an application process administered by the Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement. Members are then selected by a special committee appointed by the CSI office. Membership is open to any full- or part-time student (minimum 6 credits) at the University of Baltimore who does not serve as an executive board member for an on-campus student organization.

Please check back in the Spring 2018 semester for information on SAB membership applications for the 2018/2019 school year.


The mission of the University of Baltimore Funding Oversight Committee (FOC) is to fairly disburse the SBA and SGA Fees amongst the Premier Student Organizations (SBA, SGA, SEB, SCC), the administrative support account, and the Student Allocations Board.

The Funding Oversight Committee is responsible for utilizing revenue projections and other financial information to determine the disbursement of student fees to the premier student organizations on campus. This year, the Committee granted $440,000.00 to the Student Allocations Board, Student Bar Association, Student Events Board, and Student Government Association.

The Funding Oversight Committee is made up of the four voting members that represent various aspects of the overall funding and governance system: the treasurers of Student Government Association and Student Bar Association, the chairperson of the Student Allocations Board, and the Associate Director of Operations and Technology in the Center for Student Involvement. For 2017/2018 those individuals are as follows.

Zainab Ali,
SGA Treasurer

Tina Martin,
SBA Treasurer

Allison Seidman,
SAB Chairperson

Geri Gotera,
FOC Student-at-large

Zachary Luhman,

Dan Bellacero*,
Recording Secretary

*Denotes a non-voting member

Read the FOC Bylaws


2018-19 Budget Request Info
Information regarding student organization budget requests is now available online.

Requests are due at noon, May 24, 2018!

For more information on the process and access to helpful resources click here.

For information on the required training, which must be completed prior to request submission click here.

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