Mission Statement:

 “The mission of the University of Baltimore Student Government Association is to ensure student participation in the university decision-making process, which helps to defend the rights of each student and ultimately works toward the advancement of the university community. SGA shall establish and maintain its credibility with university and community stakeholders through the creation and preservation of positive relationships that allow for the articulation and advocacy of student interests and needs.”

Vision Statement:

 “Our vision is to provide leadership that serves our campus community. We aim to be the voice of an empowered, diverse student body and to foster an inclusive community where civility and respect for each individual are valued and expected.”


  1. Transparency: We believe in the importance of serving the University of Baltimore with integrity and honesty via an open and accessible legislative process. All meetings shall be open to every student and minutes and funding records will be made public.
  2. Commitment: We shall provide representation to the students of the University of Baltimore that is professional, ethical, and impactful with the aim of making the university more sensitive to student needs.
  3. Collaboration: We will respectfully share the student perspective across campus with administration, faculty, and staff to ensure that student input drives university change.
  4. Diversity: We understand that problem solving requires diverse input to result in representation that mirrors a diverse student population. We embrace opportunity to support diversity within our campus community.
  5. Trust: We recognize the power of faith in ourselves and each other and the role it plays in achieving success for the student body. We value and acknowledge each individual as an asset to our organization.

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