2016 -2017 Student Government

Association Platform

The Student Government Association's Platform aims to 

Better Everyone's Experience through

Open and Transparent Student Governance

Becoming a unified community through the representative body by

  • Organizing leadership forums with all student organizations to share concerns and ideas
  • Ensuring that an open dialogue is present in which to discuss all major issues in which the SGA has an influence in. One way will be by hosting at least one town hall per semester.

Academic Enrichment and Advancement

Ensuring that each student has the adequate resources necessary to succeed by:

  • Advocating for the reform and enhancement of academic advising
  • Enhancing academic enrichment opportunities such as study abroad programs

Health and Safety

Promoting a safe campus environment by:  

  • Supporting mental and physical health programs campus-wide
  • Continuing to support the "It's on Us" campaign and increasing awareness of sexual assault/harassment
  • Implementing programs, such as “Escalation” that target domestic violence and unhealthy relationships in terms of society in the 21st century
  • Researching the perspective of bringing a child care program to the UB students

Campus Life

Making the University of Baltimore campus more interactive by:

  • Enhancing the student life at UB by encouraging events that all students can enjoy, through increasing the quality and quantity of student activities
  • Starting the discussion for UB to have an annual tradition similar to a homecoming
  • Re-evaluating the current shuttle system to reflect areas students travel frequently

Financial Aid

Providing accessibility through:

  • Increasing awareness of all current financial aid resources available to students both on and off campus

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