Section One: Introduction

This handbook is designed to serve as a resource for members of student organizations at the University of Baltimore.  Included is information regarding student organization operations, University and State of Maryland policies and procedures, as well as basic leadership information to help you fulfill your role as a leader in your organization.

CSI reserves the right to modify the handbook at any time with or without notice.  A current copy of the handbook will be present on CSI's website at all times. 


Student Organization Handbook 2016-2017

Please note that the handbook will be updated by August 29 for the 2016-2017 school year.


Note: The handbook was written exclusively for the use of University of Baltimore organizations.  Certain policies and procedures have been adapted to meet the needs of fee based budgets only.  Other persons or organizations should check with Accounts Payable before using the budget information in the handbook.


Table of Contents

The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement (CSI)

Student Organization Funding System


The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement (CSI)

The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is committed to providing assistance to all student organizations. CSI is responsible for all aspects of student organization activity at the University of Baltimore. CSI is fully responsible for and has the ultimate authority in overseeing the operations of all registered student organizations.



The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement creates engaging programs for students that foster experiential learning and facilitate holistic development. We guide students in a transformational opportunities that encourage students to engage as active members of society through experiences such as, active participation in student organizations, traditional programs and leadership development.



The Center for Student Involvement seeks to foster a vibrant community of students who are engaged with campus life.



  • Collaboration: We value partnership and cooperation amongst groups and individuals in order to provide valuable and intentional experiences, events, and programs.
  • Innovation:  We are committed to new and innovative ideas for programming and services which will encourage student participation.
  • Self-efficacy: We are committed to encouraging each student in the discovery of their personal strengths; while learning how to manage real world situations through practical decision making in an educational environment.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We appreciate and acknowledge our differences and seek to be inclusive and representative of our diverse communities.
  • Fun: We value a fun experience “where education and fun collide,” which creates community and tradition at UB.


Learning Goals

  1. To facilitate a greater connection to the UB campus community through participation in co-curricular experiences.
  2. To provide pathways for students to develop a range of leadership skills and abilities.
  3. To provide students the opportunity to explore self-awareness, personal development and life skills.

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Student Organization Funding System

The chart below depicts the flow of student organization funding at the University of Baltimore.   

Funding Oversight Committee

In order to ensure student fee funds are allocated properly and according to federal, state, University System of Maryland, and University of Baltimore policies, the Funding Oversight Committee is in charge of distributing fees to the Student Government Association, the Student Bar Association, Student Allocations Board, Sports Club Council, and the Student Events Board.  The Student Allocations Board- evaluates budget requests from general student organizations and allocates funds.

The Funding Oversight Committee consists of the Associate Director of Operations & Technology, treasurers from the Student Government Association and Student Bar Association, the chair of the Student Allocations Board, and a student at large. To contact the Funding Oversight Committee, please contact the Associate Director of Operations and Technology, Zachary Luhman, at  

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