College life is about more than just going to class and studying, it is about what you do outside the classroom as well. Whether you are involved in a student organization, student government, a sports club or leadership programs, you can build a co-curricular education while having fun.

The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement is here to help you get engaged in a group or program that best fits your needs, for more information browse our student organizations or stop by our office in the UB Student Center, Room 303.

To see some of the different areas that you can get involved in, follow the links below.

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Campus Recreation and Wellness
Student Events Board
Student Events Board

Student Government Association
Student Government Association
Student Bar Association
Student Bar Association


2018-19 Budget Request Info
Information regarding student organization budget requests is now available online.

Requests are due at noon, May 24, 2018!

For more information on the process and access to helpful resources click here.

For information on the required training, which must be completed prior to request submission click here.

Need help running your org?
Follow the links under the resources section (to the left) to navigate to the resources pages.

Follow links in the Policies and Procedures Section to review the updated Student Org handbook.

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